feature and functionality overview

policy management

Our skilled and experienced staff understand the insurance and actuarial industries and the application thereof as part of the development process.

claims management and accounting

Grail specialises in bespoke software with specific emphasis on the short term insurance industry. Our design is featured across multiple marketplaces for its adaptability.

debtors and creditors

Grail is by far one of the most complete 360° insurance and actuarial systems on the market.

extensive reporting

Feedback from our loyal customers enabled Grail to became a mature, stable and future-proof insurance and actuarial solution company.

web accessibility

Our support team provides world class assistance to clients and is available to answer any questions clients may have.

technical overview

Payment of claim, salvage recovery, finalisation and re-opening of claim management. Permanent log of all transactions processed providing full audit trail capabilities. Read more ,,,

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